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6 Aug, 2015

Defends failure to arrest

After Maimane, head of the Democratic Alliance, calls Bashir ‘a man wanted … for genocide against Africans,” and asks Zuma why he had not kept previous promises to enforce the warrant – as all ICC members are bound to do, Zuma tells paparliament Bashir would have been detained if he had visited South Africa as an individual, rather than as a delegate to an AU summit.

Bashir’s coming to South Africa, it was on the invitation of the AU (African Union). He is the guest of the AU.

Zuma receives support from one of his critics, EFF leader Malema, who tells parliament:

We are not going to agree for the arrest of an African leader in South Africa to polarise Africa and make South Africa an enemy of the whole of Africa.

Police recruited

The Speaker of the National Assembly says that South African Police Services officers had been recruited by parliament. The police officers have resigned from the police force and signed on as parliamentary employees. The EFF says the

Speaker of Parliament…must come prepared to tell Zuma to answer the question as to when is he going to pay back the money unduly spent in Nkandla. The EFF would like to reiterate that it will never be intimidated by all these efforts by the African National Congress-controlled parliament to use force and protect Zuma against a question.

Acting parliamentary spokesperson refuses to answer whether these individuals are going to be in action in the National Assembly.

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