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16 Jan, 2016


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Mos Def is ordered to leave South Africa within 14 days. He has been living in Cape Town with his family since 2013 on an expired tourist visa. When the rapper tried to leave the country he presented a “world passport.” He has been banned from the country for five years, but has the right to appeal the decision. SA Dept of Home Affairs:

Further investigation into the matter revealed that Mr Smith’s wife, mother and four children had overstayed and were sojourning in the country illegally.

6 Aug, 2015

Zuma says persuasion limited

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In response to a question from the Inkatha Freedom Party, who cites Burundi as an example, Zuma says he tried to dissuade Nkurunziza from seeking a third term but hit a wall when his pleas were ignored.

Many of us interacted to say that might not help the country. We cannot say there was no effort to solve that African problem. I sent an envoy. He said it is not going to cause trouble, he has taken a decision and the constitution is on his side. Once you have reached that stage… when an African leader is not interested, that becomes difficult…No military men can take over as they please. There are a few exceptions. Burundi, where even its own regions could not persuade it … but even there the man is not saying he is going to stay forever… he has argued the point through the constitution and the court has supported him. We can’t force people, we have to talk to them, nudge them.

He says leaders have to respect the sovereignty of other African nations while they try to resolve problems.

It does not mean we will solve all matters at the right time…we are not going to ride roughshod over constitutions.

Police recruited


The Speaker of the National Assembly says that South African Police Services officers had been recruited by parliament. The police officers have resigned from the police force and signed on as parliamentary employees. The EFF says the

Speaker of Parliament…must come prepared to tell Zuma to answer the question as to when is he going to pay back the money unduly spent in Nkandla. The EFF would like to reiterate that it will never be intimidated by all these efforts by the African National Congress-controlled parliament to use force and protect Zuma against a question.

Acting parliamentary spokesperson refuses to answer whether these individuals are going to be in action in the National Assembly.

5 Aug, 2015

Rangers catch eight poachers

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Eight suspected rhino poachers are arrested in the Kruger National Park. The first incident took place in the early hours of the morning while rangers conducting anti-poaching operations along the Crocodile River – south of the Park encounter three suspected poachers; a shoot-out ensues during which one poacher is wounded. All three suspects are arrested. Two hunting rifles, silencers, ammunition and other poaching equipment are confiscated. A follow-up investigation later the same day outside the park leads to the arrest of a further five suspects. Minister of Environmental Affairs:

Just a week after commemorating World Ranger Day I want to again commend our rangers for their hard work together with other law enforcement units including the South African Police Service (SAPS). [These arrests are] a clear indication that resilience and dedication pays off.

3 Jul, 2015

NPA files papers

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The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) files its papers in the spy tapes case, after missing the previous deadline. In response to the DA’s questioning of the NPA’s decision to withdraw criminal charges against Zuma after his election as ANC leader, the NPA papers argue that Zuma was charged with corruption to stop then President Thabo Mbeki from being recalled.

23 Jun, 2015

Releases Marikana report

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Almost three years since 34 men were shot dead on a hillside by South African Police, following the death of 10 other people, including police officers and mine security staff,  Zuma releases the  Marikana Report. the report calls for an investigation into the National Police Commissioner’s fitness to hold office. The commission also recommends that the North West Provincial Commissioner Zukiswa Mbombo, be investigated as well.

I have written to the national commissioner to inform her of the recommendations pertaining to her…The commission recommends a full investigation…with a view to ascertaining criminal liability on the part of all members of the SAPS members who were involved.

The commission largely cleared members of the executive for their role in the shooting, saying Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa did not cause the shooting. Zuma:

The commission found that the executive played no role in the decision of the police to implement the tactical role.

It said the deaths of 10 people, ahead of the massacre should be criminally investigated. The Marikana workers are unhappy about being given such short notice of Zuma’s conference, but do not contest it as they want what they term the truth, to be released.

14 Jun, 2015

Returns to Sudan despite court order


South African media reports the Sudanese president’s aircraft is seen taking of, despite a court order barring his departure from the country. Sudan’s minister of information later say that Bashir was aboard the plane and was expected back in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, on Monday evening. Shortly before Bashir’s departure the High Court in Pretoria had demanded to know from government Advocate William Mokhari whether the government had complied with its order yesterday that Bashir not leave the country. Mokhari informs the court that there was no risk that Bashir would leave the country.

My instruction is that President Bashir has been invited to attend an AU summit which finishes today this evening so that if indeed President Bashir has come to attend the AU summit, I saw no risk whatsoever of President Bashir disappearing before he executes the business of his government which he has come here for.

4 Sep, 2014

Wins access to ‘spy tapes’

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_77382310_77382306Zille wins a five-year legal battle to obtain the so called “spy tapes”. The phone-taps are the basis of a 2009 decision by prosecutors to drop the charges against Zuma, saying there was political involvement in decision to press charges, just before the election in which he became President. Zille, who asked for the tapes so that the decision can be re-assessed, walks out of the High Court in Pretoria with a “tamper evident security bag” containing transcripts of recordings and a memory stick. Zille:

South Africa’s democracy depends on this case. No-one is above the law.

Zuma denies the charges, insisting he is the victim of a “political conspiracy” hatched by his opponents in the governing ANC to prevent him from becoming president.

7 May, 2014

Re-elected president

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Election results guarantee a second five-year term for Zuma, with the ANC gaining a 62.2% share of the vote according to the national election commission. Leading opposition, Democratic Alliance, has 22.2% of the vote, it’s best result ever; the party said it gained 1.1 million new voters, including 700,000 votes from black South Africans.

8 Oct, 2012

Nkandla residence controversy

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NkandlaZuma faces an official investigation over 238 million rand ($19.3m) renovations of his rural private residence in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal province. Upgrades to the residence include a helipad, underground living quarters with about ten air-conditioned rooms, a medical clinic for the president and his family, houses for security staff, air force and police units, underground parking, playgrounds, and a visitors’ centre. Zuma – who shares the property with his four current wives and their children – previously said he would meet most of the bill, but government documents reveal he will pay 5%. Taxpayers already maintain two state residences in Pretoria and Cape Town. The public protector has received several complaints about irregular expenditure on the residence and has begun gathering information which could lead to a full investigation. The civil society group Corruption Watch has also filed questions to the government.

20 Apr, 2012

Zuma, Ngema marry

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Zuma, Ngema marry imageZuma marries Ngema in a traditional ceremony, known as ‘umgcagco,’ at his rural home. The president’s three existing spouses are among the crowd as he ties the knot with Ngema, a businesswoman with whom he has a seven-year-old son. The couple’s marriage means she will now officially join the presidential household in his home village of Nkandla, where she will live alongside the statesman’s three other wives.

8 Oct, 2010

Confirms he is father of Thandekile Matina Zuma

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Zuma confirms that he has had a child, his 20th, with Sonono Khoza, daughter of his old friend and soccer tycoon Irvin Khoza. The child was born October 8, 2009.

I said during World Aids Day that we must all take personal responsibility for our actions. I have done so…I have done the necessary cultural imperatives in a situation of this nature, for example the formal acknowledgement of paternity and responsibility, including the payment of inhlawulo to the family…The matter is now between the two of us, and culturally, between the Zuma and Khoza families.

He also criticizes the media for naming the child:

Both the Child Care Act and the new Children’s Act also provides for the protection of children from exploitation. The naming of the child’s parents has essentially exposed her to the public, which has serious implications in the long-term for her, and amounts to the exploitation referred to in the Act, because the media is making money out of the matter…The media is also in essence questioning the right of the child to exist and fundamentally, her right to life. It is unfortunate that the matter has been handled in this way. I sincerely hope that the media will protect the rights of children.

22 Apr, 2009

Elected president

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South Africa’s ruling African National Congress wins the country’s election. The ANC receives 65.9% of the vote, the Democratic Alliance 16.66% and the Congress of the People (COPE) – formed by ANC dissidents – 7.42%. The turnout is 77.30%. but the result falls just short of the two-thirds majority needed to make unchallenged changes to the constitution. Zuma claims victory and the outcome is welcomed by ministers in neighboring Zimbabwe as intensifying pressure on President Robert Mugabe.

5 Jan, 2008

Zuma, Ntuli marry

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Zuma marries Ntuli at his homestead Nkandla, Kwazulu-Natal. Between 400 and 500 guests attend the ceremony, which lasts three hours. Ntuli is the mother of two of Zuma’s children. Some of the guests are dressed in Zulu traditional attire, carrying shields and Knobkerries.

18 Dec, 2007

Elected ANC president

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Zuma is elected president of the African National Congress at the party’s conference in Polokwane. Mbeki receives 1,505 votes to Zuma’s 2,329. As the announcement of each position is announced, thousands of delegates blow whistles, dance on tables and chairs, and sing and cheer—despite being asked to wait until after the announcement before applauding. Later the celebrations continue with fireworks.

8 May, 2006

Rape acquittal

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Zuma is acquitted of raping a 31-year-old family friend on 2 November 2005. In a four-hour ruling broadcast live on radio and television, the judge says the state had not proven the case beyond reasonable doubt. He also refers to evidence given by the defence, suggesting that the complainant has a history of making false accusations of rape.

The complainant was inclined to accuse men of raping her or attempting to rape her

Zuma admitted having had sex with the woman, but insisted it was consensual. The judge says Zuma would not have risked forcing himself on the woman when his own daughter was in the house and police were on guard outside, who would have heard the accused if she had cried out. After the judgement, Zuma addresses a crowd in nearby Beyers Naude Square:

A person who is charged remains innocent until proven otherwise – this is one of the golden rules of our constitution but the press broke this rule. Today the bad dreams have evaporated.

14 Jun, 2005

Dismissed as deputy

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President Mbeki dismisses his deputy Zuma. Mbeki:

In the interest of the honourable deputy president, the government, our young democratic system and our country, it would be best to release the honourable Jacob Zuma from his responsibilities as deputy president of the republic and member of the cabinet.


I believe he has taken this decision not because he believes I am guilty of any crime but because of considerations relating to the constraints within which government operates.

2 Jun, 2005

Advisor found guilty

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Shaik, a financial adviser to Zuma is found guilty on two accounts of corruption and one of fraud. He remains free on bail. The judge compares corruption to a cancer subverting democracy and human rights and rejects the defence lawyer’s plea for clemency because Shaik had fought apartheid.

His corporate empire’s progress and prosperity was plainly linked to the possibility that Jacob Zuma would finally ascend to the highest political office…Far from carrying out the object of [South Africa’s liberation] struggle, this whole saga represents a subversion of it…It was a typical example of a privileged treatment to a selected political figure in a situation redolent with lack of transparency and subversive of administrative fairness and integrity. And that is what the law seeks to punish.