Omar al-BashirSouth AfricaSudan

Returns to Sudan despite court order

14 Jun, 2015

South African media reports the Sudanese president’s aircraft is seen taking of, despite a court order barring his departure from the country. Sudan’s minister of information later say that Bashir was aboard the plane and was expected back in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, on Monday evening. Shortly before Bashir’s departure the High Court in Pretoria had demanded to know from government Advocate William Mokhari whether the government had complied with its order yesterday that Bashir not leave the country. Mokhari informs the court that there was no risk that Bashir would leave the country.

My instruction is that President Bashir has been invited to attend an AU summit which finishes today this evening so that if indeed President Bashir has come to attend the AU summit, I saw no risk whatsoever of President Bashir disappearing before he executes the business of his government which he has come here for.

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