Justin Ross Harris

Defends husband, receives grief counselling

12 Aug, 2014

In a victim’s impact statement obtained by Perople magazine, Leanna Harris says:

Ross was a wonderful father and he loved Cooper with all of his heart. Because I saw how he treated our little boy for 22 months, I know without a doubt he would never have knowingly allowed any harm to come to our son. I want you to know what a loving father he was…Whatever issues that transpired in our marriage is between God and us, for He will judge those moral sins. The rush to judgement by the public and the mainstream media has left me with little confidence in our legal system and our society.

She also says she has been receiving grief counselling:

I have been seeing a counselor for my grief due to the loss of my child and my husband. Treatment will likely last the rest of my life. The death of my son is still unreal. Not a moment goes by when I don’t think about him or what our future would have held. The amount of grief this has caused is indefinable. It cannot be explained in words or emotions. I now live a tortured existence. I depend on my Lord for strength and guidance. The storm around my family has prevented us from grieving in the right way, if there is a right way. Some days, I completely break down because I miss my baby and my family so much. August 2nd would have been my precious boy’s 2nd birthday

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