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Snooki, JWOWW interview

21 Jun, 2012

Seacrest interviews Snooki and Jwoww during On Air With Ryan Seacrest. Snooki is asked if she will televise the birth of her baby.

I definitely think that’s a private moment and Jionni definitely wants it to be just between us and I totally agree so you’re not gonna see my baby come out, but you know, you’ll see my baby eventually.

Seacrest asks Jwoww if she wants a baby now that Snooki is having one.

Nope, actually the opposite, and I have birth control for me. I don’t know, all the body changes, but not only that, she’s going into a completely new chapter in her life. Like this is it for her and she’s really excited for it, but I think I just want to be selfish just a little bit longer.

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