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4 Apr, 2013

Shape Magazine interview


Schlapman and Fairchild talk to Shape Magazine about their workout routines while on the road.


We both probably approach it in a similar fashion, but I’d definitely say portion control and eating healthy is key. After shows is probably the hardest to be disciplined. You come off stage and are always really hungry. So that’s when it’s all about making a good choice. I’m not saying I always do, because I don’t (laughing). We also try to keep good sleeping patterns.


Portion control is key for me too. When I want to get more disciplined, I’ll use an app that helps count calories. For me, calories really matter. On the road, almost every day I’ll do 100 squats, or sometimes I might do 50 squats and a bunch of leg lifts. I’ll split them up right before I get in the shower and before I go to bed, or sometimes I’ll do all 100 at once. Whatever I do, I try to get those in.

1 Oct, 2012


Single Release

The group releasesTornado, from the album with the same name. Fairchild:

It came about as a title because, of course, it’s a song on the record. But the process also kind of felt like a storm. Fast and furious and overwhelming and quickly gone. It feels like there’s a really good storm brewing in our camp. Something that comes through every once in a while and it’s really good, but it’s powerful and just a change in the air twirling around. It’s a tornado in a good way.

Little Big Town – Tornado

30 Apr, 2012


Single Release

The group releasesPontoon, from, Tornado. Fairchild:

Natalie sang the demo and we thought, ‘Man, that’s a song that you’ve never heard.’ First of all, who’s ever written a song about a pontoon? Never heard that. But having a chick sing it? I don’t know. There’s something weird about the delivery when we heard Natalie sing it. And so we thought, ‘This song is cool. It sounds like something country fans will really love if they could get a chance to hear it.

Little Big Town – Pontoon

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