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23 Jun, 2017

Langford talks about her 13RW audition

Makes Statement

Langford reveals how she auditioned for the 13RW part — which became her first ever part in her first ever show.

I had just started taking my first screen acting classes the year before when I turned 18, and at the end of that year, I signed with my US managers…I had given up drama school to go and test for [two other network projects that she didn’t get] so I was back home in Perth with no job, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my year…That’s when the audition came through. I put down a tape, one thing led to another, and they cast me.

3 Jun, 2017

‘Humbled’ by fans during Australia visit

Makes Statement

Langford is greeted by fans when she arrives in Sydney, Australia, for a two-day visit. At the airport, photographers were already waiting for her. One fan had been waiting outside the QT hotel on Market St with her children from 4.30am, eager to catch a glimpse of the star.

[The show’s success] is overwhelm­ing but in a good way. It is terrific. I always love coming home. It is really great.

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