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30 Dec, 2015

Frank Gifford tribute


Kathie Lee Gifford and Kotb play tribute to Frank Gifford on the Today Show. The co-hosts watch a video showing highlights from the NFL hall of famer’s appearances on the show, as well as clips of Kathie Lee speaking about her longtime love. Videos include Frank bringing flowers to his wife during the broadcast, Kotb announcing his death and Kathie Lee remembering their journey together. Kathie Lee:

He was so grateful, he knew what hard work was. He never had an entitled moment in his entire life.

16 Dec, 2014

Says Cosby tried to kiss her, maintains doubt


Gifford says that Cosby tried to kiss her when she toured with him in the 70’s, but still maintains her doubt of the sexual assault allegations against him.

I along with so many Americans and people around the world don’t want these (accusations) to be true. I will admit towards the end of the tour the last time I saw him he did try to kiss me. I said, ‘No,’ I said, ‘Bill, we’re friends.’ He said, ‘OK, good night,” and I said, ‘Good night.’ I went into my room and he went into his room. I’m not saying these women’s allegations are not true. From my own personal experiences, it didn’t happen.

Kathie Lee Gifford, Bill Cosby Tried To KISS Me

1 Sep, 2012

Kathie Lee Gifford interview

Family Circle interviews Gifford about a family tradition she would like her kids to pass down to theirs.

We had a sunset alert at home where we stopped everything to watch it. After I’m gone, I hope my kids and their kids will keep watching the sun go down and think of me every time. I’m not a perfect mom, but my kids haven’t been arrested, in rehab or kicked out of school, so I must be doing something right.

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