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4 Oct, 2013

Dealing with Depression interview


Feld talks with Morton about dealing with depression and how diet and lifestyle changes such as cutting out coffee, alcohol and not traveling too much help, and how his wife supports him.

I’ve had three [depressive episodes]. One in my mid-20s that overlapped with the time I sold my first company. Which was a succesful company, but I got very bored near the end of it. And another in my mid-30s right around 9/11, through the end of the year. I was in New York at 9/11 and was never in any harm’s way, but the pressure….my business world was really under siege because it was the Internet bubble collapsing, so I was really struggling with lots of things in lots of different places. And most recently, in the first half of this year basically, where I really didn’t acknowledge that I was depressed.

Dealing with Depression / MDD an Interview with Brad Feld - Kati Morton Mental Health Videos

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