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Call for U.S. to act before possible death sentence

29 Oct, 2014

Grace and Matthew talk with Couric about their case in Qatar and the possible death penalty that awaits at their sentencing. Grace says they want the U.S. government to act before the sentencing date, due at the end of November:

We want them to get us home before the 30th. On the 30th, we do not know what this court will do.

They say the government’s request to lift the travel ban isn’t enough:

We need more action from the United States. We want the State Department to continue to press for our release.

Matthew on why they immediately were treated as suspects following their daughter Gloria’s death in 2013:

I believe that authorities in Qatar suspected foul play because we are Asian and we adopted three children from Africa who are black

He says they were accused of killing her to sell her body parts on the black market. Matthew says her health problems were due to experiences before she was adopted:

A lot of her struggles were from malnourishment from when she was younger

The Huangs also say the autopsy was botched and they do not trust the court system. Their two sons, also adopted, have already been allowed to return to the U.S. and are being cared for by family. Matthew says the trial process comes at what is already a difficult time:

We have not been able or begun to grieve at all

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Grace HuangKatie CouricMatthew Huang

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