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30 Jan, 2012

Elle Magazine interview


Couric gives an interview to Elle about missing her job as an anchor for CBS Evening News.

I think it felt very restricting to me and confining. I’m really, really glad I did it I got to cover some amazing news stories. I got to be on the forefront of the earthquake in Haiti and the Arab uprising in Tahrir Square, and obviously one of the most historic elections in history. I feel very privileged that I was able to do it, that I sat in the chair, and I also feel great that I realized it wasn’t necessarily the best use of my talent. And I think that’s a really important lesson for people that they have to be honest with themselves and what gives them joy. I’m much better suited to a more interactive format, where I can be a little more spontaneous and conversational and relaxed. And I think it wasn’t a perfect fit, but I had a lot of fun trying on the suit.

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