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27 Feb, 2015

House of Cards Season 3

TV Appearance

Season 3 of House of Cards, starring Spacey and Robin Wright, premieres on Netflix in its entirety. On the Netflix model of releasing an entire season in one go:

I love it. It’s what the audience wants and if you give people what they want they’ll probably buy it and they won’t steal it.

House of Cards - Season 3 - Official Trailer - Netflix [HD]

10 Jul, 2014

Emmy nomination


Spacey is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards for portraying Vice President Frank Underwood on House of Cards.

I am honored to be included in this year’s nominations. It’s a dream job, with a remarkable group of talented collaborators. I feel blessed and challenged to tackle our perspective on Washington politics.

2014 Emmy Nominations Announced

24 Feb, 2014

Kevin Spacey interview


Seacrest interviews Spacey during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and questions him about why he is happy President Obama watches his show House Of Cards. 

We did a spoof called House of Nerds so I knew he’d seen that. But I didn’t know if he watched the show, so I was quite delighted to find he does indeed watch it, and apparently he’s jealous of how much [my character] Frank Underwood gets done!

11 Nov, 2013

Interviews Spacey at Georgetown

Klain interviews Spacey about whether House of Cards is an accurate picture of ethics in government. He cites a tweet from the show’s producers:

House Of Cards is obviously a fictional show because it’s also a Congress that gets shit done

Questioning Spacey on how close the show is to reality:

When I talk to people outside Washington about House of Cards, my friends from outside Washington all tell me the same thing, Please tell me, Ron, that it’s not that bad.


Whether they might say this publicly or not publicly I’ve talked to many people in politics who’ve told me…It’s the most accurate description of how politics works that we’ve ever seen

Actor Kevin Spacey, Georgetown's Ron Klain Discuss Politics and Ethics

18 Jul, 2013

Emmy nomination


Spacey is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards for portraying Frank Underwood on House of Cards.

Look, we’re the new kids on the block; and for us to break through in such a competitive field with so much great work being done, it’s incredibly satisfying and a great acknowledgement for the show. It’s just wonderful that the academy has recognized the show in so many categories.

2013 Emmy Award nominees announced

25 May, 2008


Spacey plays Klain in the HBO television film directed by Jay Roach. The film covers the 2000 election from the polls on Nov. 7 to the Supreme Court decision on the Florida recount, and the Gore campaign’s response throughout. Klain:

On the Saturday before this all ended, all 67 counters in Florida were all counting ballots…and the only reason this all stopped was because the court decided 4-5 to stop. In all the time since then, I’ve never thought of a way to get a different result.

He adds:

There is a lot of information in the film that wasn’t known contemporaneously

Kevin Spacey meets the man he played

26 Mar, 2000

Wins Oscar


Spacey wins the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his portrayal of depressed suburban everyman Lester Burnham in Sam Mendes’s American Beauty. Gwyneth Paltrow presents the award.

This is the highlight of my day. I hope it is not all downhill from here . . . .

Kevin Spacey Wins Best Actor: 2000 Oscars

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