Kim Jong Un

Aunt died after husband executed

28 Nov, 2014

Kang Myung-do, a defector who was son-in-law to former North Korean Prime Minister Kang Sun San, says Kim Jong Un’s aunt Kim Kyung Hee died of a stroke while she was on the phone with him arguing about the execution of her husband. Jang Song Thaek, Kim Jong Un’s uncle by marriage, was executed in December as a ‘factionalist’ during a ‘seething period’ during which Kim Jong Un sought to establish a a ‘thriving country’. He was thought to be the second-in-command behind Kim Jong Un and had been instrumental in his rise to the position of supreme leader ahead of his older brothers. Kim Kyung Hee, who was Kim Jong Il’s sister, is said to have died of her third stroke. Her death hadn’t been announced, as the Workers’ Party didn’t want it linked to the execution of her husband. North Korean media have reported that she committed suicide.

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