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5 Mar, 2012

Postcard From Paris

Single Release

The group releases, Postcard From Paris, from their self titled album. The three Perry siblings co-wrote this song with DioGuardi. Perry:

Kara was in Nashville writing with several country songwriters and artists. That was really wonderful – she only had a couple of hours to write. Our A&R lady was a friend of with Kara. She called. Kara had a free afternoon if we would care to write. She was our career matchmaker. The funny thing about writing relationships is you don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. You could write song or you could end up going to get a coffee together. Luckily, it worked and we wrote ‘Postcard From Paris.’ Kara has been so great. She’s almost taken on big sister role for us. She’s really given us a lot of advice and helped us out. We sat around and wrote the song. Everybody was bouncing lyrics off each other – the song was finished in hour and a half. We got a bowl of tomato soup and later got to hang out with her in her house in L.A.

The Band Perry - Postcard From Paris

7 Jun, 2010

If I Die Young

Single Release

The group releasesIf I Die Young, from their self titled album. Perry:

That song works on so many levels and means different things to different people. It was just one of those songs that you felt like was meant to be on planet earth. We were just real humble to have the pen and paper in hand when it was ready to come, and for us it is a statement of contentment. We finished that song and just looked at each other and said, ‘How cool is this that we were able to put feet to our dreams?’ So many people work so hard for so long and for whatever reason are not able, or don’t have the opportunity to access their dreams. So for us it was a statement of you know what, if it all ends at this moment for whatever reason even at our young ages, we’ve gotten to live and love so well and so completely. And that’s what it means to us.

The Band Perry - If I Die Young

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