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13 May, 2012

A Man Without Honor


Harington appears as Jon Snow in episode seven of season two of Game of Thrones, A Man Without Honor. Rose Leslie plays Ygritte, a young redheaded female wildling warrior in the army of Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall. In the Frostfang mountains north of the Wall of Westeros, Jon and the captured Ygritte remain separated from the main scouting party of Night’s Watch rangers. Ygritte criticizes Jon for ignoring the common ancestry between himself and the wildlings, saying that they are both descended from the original Westerosi humans known as the First Men. She says that the only difference is that the wildlings happened to live north of the Wall when it was built to separate the Seven Kingdoms from the north of the continent. She makes fun of Jon’s apparent sexual repression, guessing that he is a virgin, and offers to teach him how to have sex. As he is distracted, Ygritte makes a run for freedom, leading Jon into a wildling ambush.

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