Kit Harington

Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

8 May, 2011

Harington appears as Jon Snow in the fourth episode of Game of Thrones, Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things. Samwell Tarly, played by John Bradley-West, arrives at the Wall of Westeros to join the Night’s Watch. He is immediately targeted by the other recruits for being overweight, unskilled at combat, and a self-admitted coward. Jon decides to protect Samwell although he is stunned that anyone would admit to being a coward. Samwell reveals that his father disinherited him due to his unmanly nature, and that he came to the wall to avoid being killed in a contrived hunting accident. Jon convinces the other recruits to avoid hurting Sam in training as he says that Sam is just like themselves – he came to the Wall as he had no place in the world.

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