Kit Harington

The Pointy End

5 Jun, 2011

Harington appears as Jon Snow in the eighth episode of the first season of Game of Thrones, The Pointy End. John Bradley-West plays Samwell ‘Sam’ Tarly. James Cosmo plays Jeor Mormont, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. At Castle Black on the Wall of Westeros, Jon is informed of the arrest of his father, Lord Eddard Stark, for treason. Jon and other members of the Night’s Watch find several bodies from a ranging party that had failed to return to the castle. Sam notes that they do not smell as if they are decomposing. Jon and Sam say the bodies should be burned, but are overruled. Later that night, one of the bodies comes to life as a reanimated corpse and attacks Mormont. Jon is unable to kill the undead creature with his sword but finally defeats it with fire from an oil lamp.

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