Kit Harington

The Watchers on the Wall

8 Jun, 2014

Harington appears as Jon Snow in the ninth episode of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, The Watchers on the Wall. Rose Leslie plays Ygritte, a female wildling warrior in the army of Mance Rayder, the King-Beyond-the-Wall, and Jon’s former lover. At Castle Black, the Night’s Watch prepare for the wildling army’s assault on the Wall of Westeros. The wildlings burn the forest north of the Wall as a signal to start the attack. Jon is forced to assume control of the forces atop the wall as they attempt to repel the enemy. He orders several men to defend the tunnel through the wall at all costs. Jon descends the Wall to join the hand-to-hand combat as wildings infiltrate the castle from the south. He battles a wildling leader, ultimately killing him but sustaining injuries of his own. Ygrette draws her bow but hesitates as she is about to kill Jon, and is shot herself before she can loose the arrow. As Jon cradles her, they reminisce about their love as she dies. With the attack repelled, Jon sees no option but to try a desperate measure – he will venture into the wildling camp under the pretense of parlaying terms, and kill Mance, sacrificing himself to save the Night’s Watch.

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