Kristian Nairn

Discusses Hodor audition

17 Mar, 2014

Nairn discusses auditioning for the role of Hodor on Game of Thrones at Comic Con:

I auditioned for a movie called Hot Fuzz, which I’m sure you all know, and Rory (McCann) got the part, anyway about four years later the casting director Nina Gold called me back and said ‘try out for this part on Game of Thrones‘. So I got 15 minutes notice … I was in a restaurant having my lunch and then my agent – ‘agent’ – called me and said ‘we need to find a child … for you to carry, and I had to go to this 40th birthday party where there was a child and there was this ring of 40-year-old people around me and I was carrying this child, who I didn’t know, and they were all calling me in different directions and I had to demonstrate different emotions, and then I had to lift a table above my head to prove I was strong enough for the job. So it was truly random, but it got me the part.

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