Kristian Nairn

Kremlin DJ residency


Nairn spins at Belfast gay club Kremlin in a 12-year residency. After studying DJing at music school, he starts out working at Kremlin and fills in for a DJ who calls in sick, carrying his CDs to the club in a toolbox. He currently guests on Saturdays and Sundays in the club’s Red Square room when his Game of Thrones filming schedule allows.

I’m very much a house purist. Everyone’s all about deep house these days, but I’ve loved deep house for 15 years. House is a very big, broad [classification] – from EDM, progressive house, right down to broken beats, really commercial stuff. I don’t see why you can’t play a bit of everything in your set. My sets very much pan across house, but they very much work together – it’ll go from piano house to EDM, to deep house, to everything, really.

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