Kristian NairnRave of Thrones

Releases mixes

19 Aug, 2014

Nairn releases two mixes on Soundcloud which he says will resemble the tracklist for his Australia and U.S. Rave of Thrones tours:

It starts of with some nice vocal-based deep house and progresses up over the set. I’ll probably mix in some EDM for a lack of a better term into some progressive house. I started DJing in the ’90s so I’m very influenced by that – there’s a lot of piano stuff coming back around now which I really like.

Summer Night Mix 1 is closer to his DJing roots in piano-driven and deep house:

More uptempo mix of house music, and generally stuff I love.

Summer Night Mix 2:

EDM/ Electro focussed… A little tougher than Mix 1

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