Kristian Nairn

‘Seven-foot man who dresses as a woman’

3 Sep, 2014

Nairn says his drag act helped him withstand public attention after media misreported that he had come out during a fansite interview when in fact he had been openly gay since his teens:

It was interesting to me that the world seemed to care after that. I’ve never given a damn. A seven-foot man who dresses as a woman as a job is not interested in what other people think.

It helped him develop confidence and led to his DJing career and later acting roles:

I actually started off – believe it or not – doing drag, I travelled the world because I was a completely off the wall drag artist. It wasn’t feminine, it was just Marilyn Manson meets Divine meets some sort of monster from out of space, that sort of thing. And it was really popular, actually. It went down really well. Really it was a mask for me to perform behind, because I wasn’t very confident at the time.

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