Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Kuala Lumpur International Airport1 post
27 Jul, 2015

Airport is sinking

Makes Statement

Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s new $1 billion budget passenger terminal is sinking, with cracks appearing in the taxiway and water forming pools that planes must drive through. The defects could cause flight delays, increase wear and tear on planes and pose potential safety risks. Though take offs and landings aren’t affected, the carrier has asked Malaysian authorities to fix the problems before passengers get hurt. AirAsia CEO:

The airport is still sinking, The operator, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd. has done some partial resurfacing, but what the airport actually needs is a permanent solution.
Since MH370, a lot of shortcomings have been found in Malaysia’s aviation infrastructure. The authorities haven’t done enough to address these shortcomings, not enough to put them on par with the First World.

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