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28 Jul, 2015

Deputy Prime Minister fired


Prime Minister Najib removes deputy premier Muhyiddin, for raising questions over the government’s closure of newspapers and delays in the continuing investigation of a corruption scandal. Najib:

Members of the cabinet should not air their differences in an open forum that can affect public opinion against the government and Malaysia. I must have a solid and unified team moving in the same direction.

27 Jul, 2015

Human rights status boosted

Makes Statement

The State Department elevates Malaysia in its latest human trafficking report. The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report gives Malaysia a boost to the Tier 2 Watch List from Tier 3. State Department:

The Government of Malaysia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking, however, it is making significant efforts to do so.

Airport is sinking

Makes Statement

Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s new $1 billion budget passenger terminal is sinking, with cracks appearing in the taxiway and water forming pools that planes must drive through. The defects could cause flight delays, increase wear and tear on planes and pose potential safety risks. Though take offs and landings aren’t affected, the carrier has asked Malaysian authorities to fix the problems before passengers get hurt. AirAsia CEO:

The airport is still sinking, The operator, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd. has done some partial resurfacing, but what the airport actually needs is a permanent solution.
Since MH370, a lot of shortcomings have been found in Malaysia’s aviation infrastructure. The authorities haven’t done enough to address these shortcomings, not enough to put them on par with the First World.

22 Jul, 2015

Singapore police freeze bank accounts

Makes Statement

Singapore police freeze two bank accounts as part of an investigation linked to Malaysian sovereign fund 1MDB, which is being probed by authorities in Malaysia for financial mismanagement and graft. Singapore Police Force:

We understand that the Malaysian authorities have launched investigations into certain matters related to 1MDB. Singapore will continue to provide our full assistance and share information with the relevant authorities in Malaysia, within the ambit of our laws and international obligations.

15 Jul, 2015

Malaysian economy stable

Financial Report

Malaysia still remains stable despite weaknesses coming from the external front, including lower oil prices and the situation in the eurozone. The government has since revised the fiscal deficit projection to a manageable target of 3.2 per cent of GDP for 2015.

10 Jul, 2015

Two suspected ISIS terrorists held


Two Malaysians with suspected links to the terrorist group Islamic State are arrested for plotting to launch attacks in the country. National police chief:

The fresh arrests, which involve locals planning to launch attacks after communicating with senior members of IS in Syria, is a new trend that is most worrying.

7 Jul, 2015

Singapore Central Bank assists corruption probe

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Singapore’s central bank is cooperating with Malaysia over a probe into allegations regarding transfers totalling almost $700 million into the Prime Minister’s personal accounts. Malaysian authorities say they are freezing six accounts related to the probe. The Monetary Authority of Singapore:

The Malaysian authorities have launched an investigation into this matter. Singapore will continue to provide our full assistance and share information with the authorities in Malaysia, within the ambit of our laws. In this connection, MAS has been in close contact with the relevant financial institutions.

26 Apr, 2015

Suspected Malaysian ISIS militants arrested


malaysia-suspected-isis-militantsMalaysian police arrest 12 people, just one day before the country hosts a summit, for planning a terrorist attack by ISIS. Police also seize 20kg of ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, kerosene and remote-control devices. National police chief:

The suspects are believed to be planning to cause civil unrest in the country. They had planned to launch attacks in Malaysia on April 25 and April 26.


13 Apr, 2015

70 Malaysian soldiers join ISIS

Makes Statement

At least 70 members of Malaysia’s armed forces join the Islamic State. Defense Minister:

The army is monitoring the situation via its investigation and intelligence division, together with its human resources section. If army personnel are found to embrace elements of ISIS, the army and police will cooperate in our efforts to counsel them and restore their faith in accordance with proper teachings. [The Islamic State’s] ability to recruit young people with their false struggles is worrying.

10 Feb, 2015

Sodomy appeal rejected


Malaysia’s highest court rejects an appeal by Ibrahim against a sodomy conviction, sending him back to prison for five years. Anwar denies the charge that led to his conviction in a statement read in court:

I will walk again for the third time into prison but rest assured that I will walk in with my head held high. I maintain my innocence.

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