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18 Nov, 2009


Single Release

Gaga releases her single, Monster, from her album, The Fame Monster.

It’s the fear of attachment and the fear of loving something that’s bad for you… If you listen to the lyrics, it’s like being in love with the bad boy all the time, and you keep going back for more.

Monster Lady GaGa Official Music Video Official


Single Release

Gaga releases her single Alejandro from her album The Fame Monster. The video was directed by Steven Klein:

I was not thinking in terms (of influences). I saw it more as a combination of cinema and theater.  (It is) about a woman’s desire to resurrect a dead love and who can not face the brutality of her present situation. The pain of living without your true love.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

4 Jun, 2009


Single Release

Gaga releases her single Paparazzi from her album The Fame. Gaga on the story behind the song:

Well I’m so glad there are a few different interpretations, that was the idea. The song is about a few different things – it’s about my struggles, do I want fame or do I want love? It’s also about wooing the paparazzi to fall in love with me. It’s about the media whoring, if you will, watching ersatzes make fools of themselves to their station. It’s a love song for the cameras, but it’s also a love song about fame or love – can you have both, or can you only have one?

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

3 Mar, 2009


Single Release

Gaga releases her single Telephone feat. Beyonce, from her album The Fame Monster.

It doesn’t really matter if it makes sense or if it doesn’t make sense. By the end of the video, it became so much more as we explored each scene it became about transsexual women and it became about making fun of American hallmarks like soda cans and cigarettes and mayonnaise and bread.

Lady Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyoncé

9 Feb, 2009

Bad Romance

Single Release

Gaga releases her single Bad Romance from her album, The Fame Monster.

I wanted to design a pair for some of the toughest chicks and some of my girlfriends — don’t do this at home! — they used to keep razor blades in the side of their mouths. That tough female sprit is something that I want to project. It’s meant to be, ‘This is my shield, this is my weapon, this is my inner sense of fame, this is my monster.”

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

25 Oct, 2008

Poker Face

Single Release

Gaga releases her single Poker Face from her album The Fame. Gaga on her favorite songs she has recorded:

Well, Bad Romance has a special place in my heart because it meant a lot to the Little Monsters when it came out. I also think You and I is one of the best songs I’ve ever written. But the third best song… [long pause] Well, I suppose I would have to say Poker Face. But see, I have very different feelings about different songs at different times.

Lady Gaga - Poker Face

10 Jan, 2008


Single Release

Gaga releases her single LoveGame from her album The Fame.

I wanted to have that big giant dance video moment. I wanted it to be plastic, beautiful, gorgeous, sweaty, tar on the floor, bad-ass boys, but when you got close, the look in everybody’s eyes was f—ing honest and scary.

Lady Gaga - LoveGame

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