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Larry King

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2 Jul, 2017

Khan: Mayweather will ‘walk through’ McGregor


In a preview of an upcoming interview with King. Khan says Mayweather will easily beat McGregor.

McGregor’s never had a boxing fight as a professional. That’s his first fight. He’s up against someone who is unbeaten in 49 fights…Being a boxing fight, it’s gonna be all Floyd. He’s gonna walk through him. He’s gonna make him miss…it’s gonna be a walk in the park for him.

16 Jul, 2015

Responds to media criticism


In an interview with King on On Larry King Now 50 Cent responds to media criticism:

I’ve seen so many things said about me in social networking at points. When you don’t anticipate it it lands a little harder on you. This I can telegraph, I can see what’s gonna come from people when they see this in advance. It’s a move that’s necessary for me to make at this point so I didn’t allow myself to create that big red/white bullseye on my back when I become the person that people consistently come to.

18 Dec, 2014

Willie Robertson interview

King interviews Robertson for Larry King Now about his personal views on homosexuality.

Since the controversy and since I know all these people and if the thought is, ‘I’m born this way,’ I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out myself though the passages. Because I always have to look through the Scriptures to see what’s there and then I put it up against people, put my time in, so I’ve spent time with people.

7 Aug, 2014

Larry King second interview


King returns to the Conan couch and calls out O’Brien on his previous comment about his weak handshake. He also talks about his friendship with Snoop Dogg and his experience with marijuana, and proceeds to split a pot brownie with O’Brien and Richter.

I smoked it a few times with my doctor. I smoked it a few times, it was very enjoyable. I liked it.

29 Apr, 2014

Tavis Smiley interview


King discusses his six decade spanning career, the Donald Sterling scandal, racism, and segregation in this interview for PBS.

I’ve never understood prejudice, which means to pre-judge. To pre-judge is stupid. I don’t like this; I won’t read that, I won’t look at this – that’s insane. Even if I looked at it just from a standpoint of monetarily, as Ross Perot told me once: “Forget morality. The insanity in the South of building two bathrooms when you only needed one.”

13 Feb, 2014

Larry King interview


Larry King visits Conan and talks to O’Brien about the late comedian Sid Caesar, his interviewing style, and his desire to by cryogenically frozen when he dies.

King on interviewing guests:

I left myself out of it. I didn’t use the word “I”. I asked short questions, listened to the answer. Listening is as important as what you ask because you have to follow up. I try to put guests at ease. I think it’s intrinsic, I was naturally curious. I still am.

5 Feb, 2014

Larry King interview


Larry King is interviewed by Hall on The Arsenio Hall Show. They talk about what job he would be doing if he wasn’t a talk show host and his ambition to do stand-up comedy. He does a random stand up performance.

I think I’d been a stand-up comic. I did comedy tour last year, so I always like making people laugh.

8 Nov, 1996

Larry King Live interview

Pacino is interviewed by Larry King on Larry King Live. He talks his struggle with alcohol, working with Johnny Depp and Adam Sandler’s humor.

One of the main reasons I did it (the part in Ocean 13) was because I was here in Los Angeles to see my kids.

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