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Who’s the Boss?

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6 Mar, 2013

Hollyscoop Interview


Milano talks with Hollyscoop, about not quite remembering a lot of things about filming Who’s the Boss?, despite enjoying her time on the series and being up for a reunion.

I don’t really remember specific episodes but I’ll remember weird things like a jacket that Judith wore in the episode.

8 Sep, 2005

Tony Danza interview


Danza talks about taking up professional boxing in 1983, and how he turned back to acting with Who’s the Boss? not too long after.

I still think boxing is where I had the most natural ability. But other fighters were working at it full time and I wasn’t.

The Tony Danza Show Interview


Light appears on the talk show of her former Who’s the Boss? co-star, Danza, The Tony Danza Show and responds to a clip he shows from the series opener, where Light’s character, tells Danza’s character, he’s the wrong sex. Light says to Danza upon entering the stage:

I just wanted to say something to you honey. You’re not the wrong sex!

7 Oct, 2000

Martin Cohen interview


Cohen talks to Entertainment Tonight about how the show changed television, based on how things were changing in society in 1984, with more women going out into the workforce.

The idea in those days of role reversal was happening.  I mean women were going out into the workforce, men were staying home with the kids.

25 Apr, 1992

Martin Cohen interview


Screen-Shot-2013-12-07-at-20.01.59Although Who’s the Boss? ends its eight-year run, across the pond in Britain, another version of the show called The Upper Hand is being produced.

The Upper Hand is now in its fourth season, using the original Who’s the Boss? scripts with only minor cultural and semantic changes.

Martin Cohen interview


Who’s the Boss? ends after an eight-year run on ABC. Tony and Angela’s will-they-won’t-they relationship finally has become a they-are relationship earlier this season, when the duo became an official couple. Will they marry in tonight’s episode? Executive producer, Martin Cohen:

We’ve been on a roller coaster for eight years.

11 Sep, 1991

ABC interview


ABC-TV talks with USA Today about Who’s the Boss? as it drops from its top twenty position, despite that it is still popular and is renewed for an eighth season.

We see a major star in Tony Danza. Someone who is still immensely popular with the public. As you get into the sixth and seventh year, an aging process does occur, and we admit that the show doesn’t force you to watch like it used to.

2 Dec, 1990

Katherine Helmond interview


Helmond talks with The Associated Press, about how she is not quite like her Who’s the Boss? alter ego, Mona Robinson. Helmond is strong and confident and is in a marriage that has lasted 28 years.

In a lot of ways I’m like Mona. I’m not quite as blunt . . . not as wild as she is, but I’m straightforward and willing to take a risk.

Nov 1989

Receives Fairfield, CT, support

The show, which is set in Fairfield, Connecticut, receives free sweatshirts, buttons, mugs, bumper stickers and a complimentary subscription of the town newspaper for the show’s cast and production crew. It is the town’s and Citizen-News appreciation for setting the show in Fairfield and also in celebration of the town’s 350th anniversary. Studio publicity director, Libby Gill:

We’re delighted that the real-life citizens of Fairfield enjoy their fictional counterparts.

3 Jul, 1988

Katherine Helmond interview


Helmond talks with The Associated Press and says that her role on Who’s the Boss? was originally supposed to be the sister of Angela, not the mother. They decided a mother-daughter duo would be better.

They read a lot of young ladies. But they felt it turned out to be kind of sour grapes. Each sister seemed a little envious of the other.

15 Mar, 1986

Tony Danza interview


Danza talks about being more than just the star of Who’s the Boss? He gets to try his hand at directing, as well as acting to every aspect of the show.

That’s my responsibility because if the show ever gets canceled, they ain’t gonna remember Marty Cohan or Blake Hunter, they’ll remember Tony Danza got canceled—that’s why I’m involved.

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