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The Tony Danza Show performance

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The cast of Who’s the Boss? perform a brief improvised skit of the series on The Tony Danza Show, picking up where the series left off. Danza:

All your questions are about to be answered as we present to you Who’s the Boss? the lost scene. Here’s where we left off 13-years-ago.

6 Mar, 2013

Hollyscoop Interview

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Milano talks with Hollyscoop, about not quite remembering a lot of things about filming Who’s the Boss?, despite enjoying her time on the series and being up for a reunion.

I don’t really remember specific episodes but I’ll remember weird things like a jacket that Judith wore in the episode.

8 Sep, 2005

Tony Danza interview

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Danza talks about taking up professional boxing in 1983, and how he turned back to acting with Who’s the Boss? not too long after.

I still think boxing is where I had the most natural ability. But other fighters were working at it full time and I wasn’t.

26 Jul, 2005

The Tony Danza Show Interview

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Danza and Light talk on The Tony Danza Show about the time he and Light shot the bathtub scene on Who’s the Boss? where his character is supposed to walk in on Light’s character nude. Light, unbeknownst to Danza, actually came out of the tub nude just to get an authentic reaction from Danza. Light:

God, I was gutsy.

Who's the Boss? - The Bathtub Scene

The Tony Danza Show Interview

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Light appears on the talk show of her former Who’s the Boss? co-star, Danza, The Tony Danza Show and responds to a clip he shows from the series opener, where Light’s character, tells Danza’s character, he’s the wrong sex. Light says to Danza upon entering the stage:

I just wanted to say something to you honey. You’re not the wrong sex!

Who's The Boss Reunion *part1*

16 Jul, 2005

Alyssa Milano interview

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Milano talks on The Tony Danza Show, about how their show Who’s the Boss? broke a lot of new grounds, at the time it was first released.

In watching all these clips it make me realize we crossed a lot of lines that weren’t crossed in that time in television

Who's the Boss Reunion *part3*

7 Oct, 2000

Martin Cohen interview

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Cohen talks to Entertainment Tonight about how the show changed television, based on how things were changing in society in 1984, with more women going out into the workforce.

The idea in those days of role reversal was happening.  I mean women were going out into the workforce, men were staying home with the kids.

Who's The Boss ET Interview