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27 Feb, 2014

Tony Danza Interview

Danza talks on The Kiosk Presents about the Do More Then You Think Campaign.

It’s a way to raise awareness about health and wellness in the country.

The Kiosk Presents: Tony Danza for "Do More Then You Think"

23 Mar, 2013

Tony Danza Interview


Danza talks with Shy Guy Media about his preparation for his father role in Don Juan.

I brought a lot of my bad habits as a father.

SXSW Interviews: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tony Danza & Brie Larson On 'Don Jon'

12 Mar, 2013

Tony Danza Interview


Danza talks with Playmaker Magazine about working with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Don Juan and being offered the job by him.

I’ve always got sort of a paternal thing for him, because when he was 12 we did that movie together

SXSW 2013 Interview: Tony Danza

8 Sep, 2005

Tony Danza interview


Danza talks about taking up professional boxing in 1983, and how he turned back to acting with Who’s the Boss? not too long after.

I still think boxing is where I had the most natural ability. But other fighters were working at it full time and I wasn’t.

19 Sep, 1995

Tony Danza interview


Two years after Who’s the Boss? ends, Danza talks with The Associated Press about starring in the series Hudson Street.

I had a deal with ABC that’s been in place since Who’s the Boss? It’s a deal unlike any others: a 22-episode commitment.

11 Sep, 1991

ABC interview


ABC-TV talks with USA Today about Who’s the Boss? as it drops from its top twenty position, despite that it is still popular and is renewed for an eighth season.

We see a major star in Tony Danza. Someone who is still immensely popular with the public. As you get into the sixth and seventh year, an aging process does occur, and we admit that the show doesn’t force you to watch like it used to.


Tony Danza interview


Danza appears on WJXX News and, moments before going on air, is accidentally recorded talking not so tactfully about the news program he’s being interviewed on.

Oh you heard me huh?

News Blooper: Tony Danza Pre-Interview Goes Wrong

15 Mar, 1986

Tony Danza interview


Danza talks about being more than just the star of Who’s the Boss? He gets to try his hand at directing, as well as acting to every aspect of the show.

That’s my responsibility because if the show ever gets canceled, they ain’t gonna remember Marty Cohan or Blake Hunter, they’ll remember Tony Danza got canceled—that’s why I’m involved.

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