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29 Apr, 2012

Layla vs Bella – Divas title

Wins Sport Event

Layla reveals herself as Bella’s surprise opponent and defeats her in singles competition at Extreme Rules to become the WWE Divas Champion. Layla picks up the pinfall victory after hitting a LayOut neckbreaker on Bella at two minutes and twenty-five seconds.

3 Jan, 2007

Superstar to Superstar interview


Durance talks to Layla as part of’s Superstar to Superstar series about acting, characters and Madonna.

She’s (Madonna) an independent woman who didn’t take crap from anyone. She went out there and did her thing. But, over the last few years, another woman who I think is unbelievable is Angelina Jolie. She doesn’t apologize for who she is. It’s take it or leave it, and she’s not going to change. I really admire that. They are both people who make their own decisions and stick to them, and I really find that attractive.

25 Jun, 1977

Layla El born in London, UK


El is born in London, England despite being billed from Miami, Florida as a wrestler due to her past as a Miami Heat dancer. El decided to pursue wrestling when her trainer suggest she audition for the RAW Diva Search in 2006.

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