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Lena Dunham

Investigates assault details

4 Dec, 2014

The conservative news site investigates Dunham’s allegations that she was sexually assaulted by a ‘campus Republican’ she identifies by the name of Barry when she was a 19-year-old student at the Oberlin liberal arts college in Ohio. Dunham says the man worked at the campus library and having a flamboyant mustache, and identifies the name of the radio show she says he hosted, Real Talk With Jimbo. In total she gives around a dozen clues to his identity, including hard-to-verify traits such as being a poor loser at poker and having worn purple cowboy boots. It says she is deliberately identifying a man named Barry who attended the college at the time:

For weeks, and to no avail, using phone and email and online searches, Breitbart News was able to verify just one of these details. Like everyone else interested, we immediately found that there indeed was a prominent Republican named Barry who attended Oberlin at the time in question.

Whatever her motives, Dunham is pointing her powerful finger at this man. But as you will read in the details below, the facts do not point back at him. Not even close. This man is by all accounts (including his own) innocent.

It refers to the person as ‘Barry One’ and declines to use his real name:

Lena Dunham might have been raped at Oberlin College, but the “Barry” she describes in her memoir is a ghost. The man we call Barry One, however, the man legions have found online using details published in Not That Kind of Girl, is very real. And what’s unforgivable is that, through an incomprehensible malice or a combination of breathtaking carelessness and a number of unthinkable coincidences, in the courtroom of public opinion, Lena Dunham is pointing her powerful finger at this man and screaming “rapist.”

The investigation concludes that Dunham is not cooperating with authorities, who are taking her charges seriously, to get justice served for the person who raped her but is instead casting suspicion on somebody innocent.

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