Lena Headey

The North Remembers

27 Apr, 2012

lena-headey-north-remembersHeadey appears as Queen Regent Cersei Lannister in the first episode of the second season of Game of Thrones, The North Remembers. Jack Gleeson plays her son, King Joffrey Baratheon. Peter Dinklage plays her younger brother, Tyrion Lannister. In King’s Landing, Cersei orders the gates of the city closed to refugees from the War of the Five Kings. Tyrion has been installed as Hand of the King to rein in Joffrey’s increasingly insane behaviour. He criticizes Cersei for allowing the execution of former Hand of the King Lord Eddard Stark, causing a war that the Lannisters are losing, and for weakening their position by losing Lord Eddard’s younger daughter, Arya. Cersei orders the royal treasurer Lord Petyr Baelish, played by Aidan Gillen, to find Arya. Petyr replies that he knows that King Joffrey is the child of her incestuous relationship with her brother Jaime Lannister, and tells her that knowledge is power. Cersei has Lannister guards surround Petyr and orders them to cut his throat, stopping them at the last moment. She tells him that power is power.

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