Lenny Kravitz

Elle Magazine interview

29 Aug, 2011

Kravitz gives interview to Elle about what his mom taught him about being a man.

That it’s about honor and respect. I was, like, 13, and my mom had to go to some party. She said, “Lenny, I want you to wash these dishes and put them away.” So she leaves, I wash the dishes, and put them away. About three in the morning, I get awakened by this tap on my head, and she drags me to the kitchen. One cabinet door is open about an inch, right? And she points at the door and says, “Close the cabinet.” I was completely pissed off and couldn’t believe this woman would drag me out of bed. But that was what follow-through was about. If it weren’t for these kinds of lessons, I wouldn’t be here doing what I’m doing.

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