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Clarifies Gillmor Gang interview

6 Jun, 2009

Arrington explains that he asked Laporte whether the Palm Pre was paid for or free, as Palm had promised TechCrunch and at least one other blogger test units, but hadn’t delivered. He says he was trying to compare the reviews from people who got test units from those who bought the device.

I apologize to you, Leo. I didn’t mean to imply that you were being unethical. I just think that, given the story that’s brewing about favoritism at Palm, it was important to disclose whether you paid for that Pre, and/or got it in advance.

Laporte responds:

Thanks for the post, Mike. Apology accepted. Now that I know what was going on in your mind, I apologize to you.

There seems to be something about the Gillmor Gang that just engenders over the top passion. I’m embarrassed by my overreaction. Peace.

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