Leonardo DiCaprio


16 Jul, 2010

In this science-fiction drama, directed by Christopher Nolan, Di Caprio plays Dominic Cobb, an industrial spy who instead of breaking into a person’s home, office, or even computer, gets the information he needs by getting into the person’s mind through their dreams. Cobb is also a fugitive who misses his children. Cobb is hired for a process called ‘inception’, changing dreams. Cobb is hesitant to do it but when the man offers to help Cobb go back to his children, he agrees. Co-starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page.

You know, it was interesting being part of this film, because I’m not a big dreamer. I never have been. I remember fragments of my dream, and I try to take a traditional sort of approach to researching this project and doing preparation for it. I read books on dream analysis, Freud’s book on the analysis of dreams, and tried to research it in that sort of form.

Inception - Official Trailer [HD]

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