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19 May, 2018

Gallagher wants McGregor for next music video

Makes Statement

Gallagher says he wants McGregor to star in his next music video. He took to Twitter to praise McGregor’s documentary Notorious, which details the boxer’s early life and rise to multiple UFC winner. Gallagher posted:

I’ve just watched your film Conor McGregor biblical I want you to be in my new music video as you were LG x

29 Aug, 2009

Noel quits


Noel has quit Oasis, saying he can no longer work with Liam. Prior to the breakup of the band Noel and Liam were involved in a series of rows. Liam casts doubt on the bands future:

He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him, that’s it.

Liam also admits he and Noel rarely spoke, they did not travel together and only saw each other on stage.

5 May, 2004

Bar brawl

While in Germany Liam and another unnamed member of the group are involved in a bar brawl. The band’s security staff try to break the fight up but it continues outside. German authorities investigate the band on suspicion of assault, damaging property and resisting arrest. The arrested men are given blood tests because of their drunken state. Prosecutor Anton Winkler says the test reveals substantial quantities of alcohol and drugs. It is possible Gallagher used cocaine. Even though the band’s management paid a $170,000 fine, the singer and other band members remain under investigation.

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