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Jul 2014

(What’s the story) Morning Glory? reissue

Oasis will release a deluxe edition of (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? in September 2014. The Chasing The Sun Edition will include songs such as Roll With It, Don’t Look Back In Anger and Wonderwall. The album will also include unheard demos and B-Sides. The expanded edition is remastered from the original tapes under the supervision of producer Owen Morris and features previously unheard demos of She’s Electric and Rockin’ Chair; demos of Some Might Say, Hey Now, and Bonehead’s Bank Holiday recorded for the first time at the band’s soundcheck in Tokyo in September 1994, plus live performances.

20 Nov, 2009

Attacker admits stage shove

Daniel Sullivan pleads guilty to assault causing bodily harm. Oasis was performing at the Virgin Music Festival on Toronto Island when the assault took place. Sullivan was intoxicated and only remembers attempting to climb over a fence. At the time of the attack Noel was facing the crowd and playing his guitar. Sullivan shoved him violently from behind. Noel suffered three fractured ribs when he fell forward on to a speaker. Sullivan turned and was about to attack Noel’s brother Liam Gallagher but was tackled by security.

29 Aug, 2009

Noel quits


Noel has quit Oasis, saying he can no longer work with Liam. Prior to the breakup of the band Noel and Liam were involved in a series of rows. Liam casts doubt on the bands future:

He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him, that’s it.

Liam also admits he and Noel rarely spoke, they did not travel together and only saw each other on stage.

8 Aug, 2008

John Lennon tribute

Single Release

On the Dig Out Of Your Soul album there will be a song that pays tribute to John Lennon. The song, I’m Outta Time will feature some audio from a John Lennon interview.

18 Feb, 2008

#1 best British album poll

In a survey by Q Magazine and HMV of 11,000 people, two Oasis albums, Definitely Maybe and (What’s the story) Morning Glory? take the number 1 and 2 spot.  The band also has, Don’t Believe The Truth at number 14. Be Here Now came in at number 22. In total Oasis have 4 albums in the list.

5 May, 2004

Bar brawl

While in Germany Liam and another unnamed member of the group are involved in a bar brawl. The band’s security staff try to break the fight up but it continues outside. German authorities investigate the band on suspicion of assault, damaging property and resisting arrest. The arrested men are given blood tests because of their drunken state. Prosecutor Anton Winkler says the test reveals substantial quantities of alcohol and drugs. It is possible Gallagher used cocaine. Even though the band’s management paid a $170,000 fine, the singer and other band members remain under investigation.

3 Mar, 1999

Sacked drummer gets $550,000

McCarroll sues Oasis for $550,000 in unpaid royalties. Neither Gallagher brother appeared in court for this. Their lawyer, Raz Mireskandari says, the lump sum was paid to buy out any future royalties claims by McCarroll. McCarroll now has no connection to the group and cannot claim any more earnings for music he was involved in.

The original claim for unpaid royalties was for $18m, a fifth of the band’s earnings since McCarroll was replaced by Alan White.

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