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Luke Bryan

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24 Jul, 2015

Releases TV blooper reel

TV Appearance

Bryan posts a video to YouTube featuring various bloopers that have been filmed during the taping of his internet TV series, Luke Bryan TV.

Hey I’m Luke Bryan and this video…ergh…

Wins CMA Award

48th Annual CMA Awards - Press RoomBryan takes home the award for Entertainer of the Year at the 48th Annual CMA Awards. Bryan:

I have longed and sought for many years to get one of these in my hands. To get the respect of the CMA Board and all its voters and win this is a ginormous deal. It’s something that I could not express when I was out on stage when I was winning it. I can’t help but in the back of my mind want some of that respect from this body of people. I’m just really humbled.

14 Jul, 2014

Roller Coaster

Single Release

The artist releases, Roller Coaster, from his album, Crash My Party. 

It has all the levels of going back to young love and that feeling of sitting on the beach and young love that you lost, that you’ve let slip through your hands.
And so many people have done that, and the way they hook it, ‘girl, you’ve got me twisted like an old beach rollercoaster,’ is just when you hear that line snap down in me, it’s just chill bump city, a visual city. You could see them living that scene of having to part ways with one another. Man, it’s powerful!

24 Mar, 2014

Play It Again

Single Release

The artist releases his single, Play It Again, from his album, Crash My Party. 

From the day we put Crash My Party out, Play It Again was getting downloaded more than any non-single, and when we play it live on the road, it goes over bigger than most of my prior #1s,” he said. “It’s a fun little story. It’s a great song, because it does have a story about a relationship, but I think the reaction that the girl has – ‘Oh my God, this is my song’ – that’s such a real reaction and that’s what makes the song work.

10 Mar, 2014

This is How We Roll

The band releases the video for  This Is How We Roll, which features country music singer, Luke Bryan. One of the song’s writers, Cole Swindell, tells what  influenced him to write the song :

It’s such a crazy story. Me and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line started writing it and he had said something. We were out on tour last year, FGL was out with Luke, and Luke had said something the night before about shooting bullets at the moon and Brian Kelley was like, ‘Man, I want to write something like that. That’s such a cool thought about being out somewhere and being able to do whatever you want.

11 Nov, 2013

Drink A Beer

Single Release

The artist releases Drink A Beer, from Crash My Party. 

I just thought it was an amazingly written song. It was something that everybody can connect with because so many people out there have lost somebody. And their connection with them was, they used to have a beer in a bar with them, or have a beer anywhere with them. Drinking a beer with a friend is a huge connection, and that song bridges all those emotions together. Like I said, it’s one of the coolest sad songs I’ve ever heard.

5 Aug, 2013

That’s My Kind Of Night

Single Release

The artist releases his single, That’s My Kind Of Night, from his album, Crash My Party. 

I was singing ‘winner winner’ in the studio, ’cause I knew the song from a demo. And I was going, ‘winner, winner,’ and my producer goes, [speaker sound effects], ‘Luke, it’s actually ‘winner, when I.’ And I went, ‘Ohhhhhhhh!’ Hey! It doesn’t matter. It works either way.

7 Apr, 2013

Crash My Party

Single Release

The artist releases his single, Crash My Party, from his album with the same name.

It’s actually a love song about a guy telling a girl that, ‘Hey-no matter what I’m doing, anytime, I could be at a bar, I could be at a big show, and you can text me or call me, and I’m dropping my party and we’re getting together.’ I think it’s a cool way to tell a girl, ‘Hey, I’m diggin’ ya.

6 Aug, 2012

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Single Release

The artist releasesKiss Tomorrow Goodbye, from, Tailgates and Tanlines. 

We got out on the road and had a great time and wrote a couple songs, and the last day, Jeff had this title, and we wrote it. I mean, it’s a great idea and a great thought. We wrote it right then. I think the chorus of that thing is some of the best writing that I’ve ever been a part of and I love the simplicity of the verses.

13 Feb, 2012

Drunk On You

Single Release

The artist releases his single, Drunk On You, from his album, Tailgates And Tanlines. 

It’s a song that a buddy of mine, Rodney Clawson, [co-wrote] and the second I heard it I knew it was something I was going to cut. We feel it will be a fun summertime song.

5 Sep, 2011

I Don’t Want This Night To End

Single Release

The artist releases, I Don’t Want This Night To End, from, Tailgates And Tanlines. 

It’s about a guy meeting a girl, and it’s the first night that they’re hanging out. It’s a magical night and he doesn’t want it to end. It’s got a big fun chorus in it.

14 Mar, 2011

Country Girl (Shake It For Me)

Single Release

The artist releases his single, Country Girl (Shake It For Me), from his album, Tailgates And Tanlines. 

I am the world’s worst at going, ‘Oh my God, what are we doing? I started freaking out, because I said, ‘Come on, Dal, we can’t talk about country girls shaking their butts all over the place in Country music.’ Dallas is rooting me on, and we kept on working on it. I played it for my producer and my wife and everybody. Everybody’s saying, ‘That thing’s going to be crazy.’ It’s a fun song, and it certainly adds to the live show and get some old country girls shaking a little bit.

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