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Blake Shelton

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Blake Shelton is an American country singer born in Ada, Oklahoma in 1976. He started performing at age 8. His first number 1 hit was Hill Billy Bone, followed by Austin, The Baby, and My Eyes. He has won an array of awards for his music from; the Academy of Country Music Awards, CMT Music Awards and the American Country Music Awards plus many more. He is also known for being one of the judges on the TV show, The Voice. Shelton is married to Miranda Lambert.

22 Jul, 2015

US Weekly cover

Magazine Cover

1437509952_blake-shelton-miranda-lambert-split-us-weekly-cover-467The recently-divorced couple appear on the cover of US Weekly. Source:

Blake’s really broken up over this, Just devastated. Both of them have been unhappy for while, they were rarely together. Distance was a major factor. She’s very heartbroken, sad, and confused.

20 Jul, 2015

Source: Disagreed over starting family

A source says the couple’s break up is due to their struggle to start a family, specifically with disagreements over having a baby:

Miranda felt very lonely in their marriage and really wanted a baby…Unfortunately, having a baby wasn’t a priority for Blake who was focused on his career and having fun. He was enjoying his life and wasn’t ready to make that kind of commitment. The baby battle really put a strain on their relationship.

Announce divorce


Shelton and Lambert disclose their divorce is final after a four-year marriage. They do not state when exactly the marriage dissolution became final.

And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very personal matter.

15 Apr, 2015

On Air interview


Seacrest interviews Shelton during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about hosting the ACM Awards.

I don’t know if you’ve been in that stadium yet or not, but it’s bigger than the county that I lived in in Oklahoma. It’s the 50th anniversary of the show, so there’s going to be a lot of surprises [Luke and I] have [brought] a good level of immaturity. That’s what we need in music these days.

12 Nov, 2014

Breaks consecutive No. 1 record

Shelton scores his 13th consecutive No. 1 single with his song, Neon Light, from his album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, making him the artist with the most consecutive No. 1 songs on the Billboard and Mediabase country charts since the beginning of monitored airplay. Shelton:

It’s always exciting to have a No. 1 record, and I’m especially proud of this one, because this song blends the current sound on country radio with the traditional feel that I grew up with. It has elements of a song that one of my heroes, Earl Thomas Conley, might have recorded.

Wins 5th consecutive award

Blake-Wins-630x420Shelton takes home his fifth consecutive award for Male Vocalist of the Year at the 48th Annual CMA Awards. Shelton:

I really thought Luke was gonna win this thing this year! I could not be more proud to win this award tonight. This means so much to me. This is a big night for my family, so it’s amazing to be a part of this.

I also want to say one thing — they put a book under our seats before this show and it tells who all the past winners of CMA’s are.I saw tonight my all-time hero has never won one of these, so I want to dedicate this award tonight to my hero, Earl Thomas Conley.

3 Oct, 2014

I Need My Girl

Single Release

Shelton releases his single, I Need My Girl,  from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine. Shelton:

That’s right in my wheelhouse of what I do, along the lines of ‘She Wouldn’t Be Gone’ or ‘Over You,’ some of those type of records that are kind of a power ballad. That’s my natural go-to, and that was fun for me to sing.

Bringing Back The Sunshine

Single Release

Shelton releases his single, Bringing Back The Sunshine from his album with the same name. Shelton:

I love the message of the song. It’s about a couple that’s gone through something, probably separated, and just decided to get back together. What’s most important is their love. There’s something magical about that title, and given what this album is all about, I thought Bringing Back the Sunshine is like I’m bringing back some country music, some of these sounds we don’t hear that much anymore in country, at least in the mainstream.

Anyone Else

Shelton releases his single, Anyone Else, from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine. Shelton:

I’ve been the guy that’s been jealous and hard on somebody, and not even know why, and I’ve also been the victim of that. The song is so relatable, and it’s so sad. Every time I sing it, there’s a different person that comes to mind that I’m singing it about, but it always includes me. But it hurts when people are hard on you, jealous or insecure, and won’t allow you to just be.

Good Country Song

Shelton releases his single, Good Country Song, from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine. Shelton:

When I heard the lyric, it was almost as if she grew up in the same house I grew up in, from shifting the gears in my dad’s truck to listening to Earl Thomas Conley on a station out of Tulsa. There has never been a more accurate song about me that I have recorded.

Just South Of Heaven

Shelton releases his single, Just South Of Heaven, from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine. Shelton:

‘South Of Heaven’ definitely takes me back to high school, or even a little after high school, those moments that just seem magical, whenever you had that girl and you went back-roadin’, or whatever your particular version is. We all have a version of it – that song definitely takes me there.


Shelton releases his single, Buzzin’, featuring RaeLynn  from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine. Shelton says that he feels a responsibility to the singers that extends beyond the advice he gives them on the Voice:

When I have an opportunity to showcase one of them, I’m going to take it. It sounds crazy, but they do seem like kids I’ve got to watch out for.


Shelton releases his single, Sangria,  from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine. Shelton:

It’s just about one of those nights where you drink too much and you’re gonna end up hookin’ up with this person, it’s just inevitable. It’s not too over the top, but it’s pure sex, that’s the only way I know to describe that song.

Lonely Tonight

Single Release

Shelton releases his single, Lonely Tonight, featuring Ashley Monroe, from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine. Shelton says that the vocals in this song were the toughest ones for him to sing:

That song is just so range-y and, on top of that, I knew Ashley was going to come in and sing on it, and I knew that people were gonna hear her singing in a way they’d never heard her sing before.


Shelton releases his single, Gonna, from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine.

A Girl

Shelton releases his single,  A Girl,  from his album, Bringing Back The Sunshine.

1 Aug, 2014

Album cover release

3Shelton releases the cover art for his album Bringing Back The Sunshine. The black and white cover art features a water tower in Ada, Oklahoma where Shelton was born.

Announces album release


Shelton breaks the news on NBC’s Today show that he’ll be releasing his 11th album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, on September 30. The album’s cover includes a black-and-white shot of the water tower in his hometown of Ada, Oklahoma.

19 Jul, 2014

Advice on Wrigley Field concert

The artist says he is told how he should act while he performs at Wrigley Field in front of 40,000 attendees.The Nashville executives that booked the show tell Shelton:

Don’t talk about drinking and hunting. Don’t be yourself. Just sing your damn songs — and leave.

After the warning, the artist decides:

I am a damn country singer playing Wrigley freakin’ Field. And, damn, I’m nervous. I drag my big ass all the way up here to Chicago for two reasons — to play country music and to drink.

5 Jul, 2014

My Eyes No. 1

Single Release

Twelve weeks after pairing up with Gwen Sebastian, Shelton’s song, My Eyes, reaches the number one spot on Billboard’s country charts. The song is Shelton’s twelfth consecutive number one hit

2 Jul, 2014

Affair rumors ‘ridiculous’

Sebastian says that rumors of her having an affair with Shelton are ridiculous.While Sebastian, a contestant on season two’s the Voice was eliminated early on, she was taken in by the Shelton family when her former coach asked her to sing back up for him on his tour. Sebastian continued working on her own music,writing a song, called, My Eyes. After performing her song as a duet with Shelton, rumors of the artists having an affair quickly surfaced.

Honestly, I just don’t even look at any of rumors. We all think it’s silly and stupid and we love each other. I don’t know how I can pay back Miranda and Blake — they’re just cool people and I love them.


29 Apr, 2014

Tweets Levine’s phone number

Shelton tweeted his rival, coach Adam Levine’s actual cell  phone number to his more than 6 million followers during the top 1o live performance show of the Voice. Shelton acted on the his threats to Levine that he had posted on Twitter shortly before the show aired.

HEY EVERYONE!!! Here it is: @adamlevine’s CELL NUMBER! Think I’m kidding? Try calling it!! B––––!!!

Everyone had their eyes on Levine as his phone begins ringing during the show just after the Tweet was posted . Levine answers the phone and asked the person on the call to hold for a moment. He then looked at Shelton.

Are you kidding me?

27 Mar, 2014


Single Release

Shakira sings with Shelton in the single, Medicine. Shakira:

I think I have real folk roots in my previous albums.The acoustic guitars, that type of narrative, songs that have a traditional structure. And I said to Shelton, ‘I want to do that type of song.’ When I wrote the song I didn’t know what direction to go in and I did like eight versions. Dance, pop … but I said no, this is a country song.

14 Feb, 2014

Doin’ What She Likes

Single Release

Shelton releases the video for his single Doin’ What She Likes. The video begins with a phone conversation with his wife, offering to make her dinner:

I think it’d be good for me. Fan the flames a little bit.

When the candle he lights catches the curtains on fire, and the house quickly goes up in flames. Shelton opts to offer to take her out for dinner instead of telling her about the disaster:

Grammy nomination


Shelton is a Grammy nominee for Best Country Solo Performance for Mine Would Be You.

7 Nov, 2013

4th Male Vocalist of the Year Award

Other Awards

Shelton takes the Male Vocalist of the Year Award for the fourth consecutive time at the 47th annual Country Music Association Awards. The only artists that have taken the award for five consecutive years is Vince Gill and George Strait, who each won five years in a row. On accepting the award:

Not to just echo Miranda, but I really swear I didn’t think this was going to happen this year. But it did!!

7 May, 2013

Boys Round’ Here

Single Release

Shelton teams up with the Pistol Annies and the Voice star, RaeLynn, for the single.  Blake raps in the song, Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit. The singer claims although in real life he has never chewed tobacco, there is another product he used to chomp:

Back in the day, remember when they used to make – and they probably still do – beef jerky that’s shredded and they put it in the cans for kids to act like they’re dipping.I wore some of that out back in the day, especially in elementary school… Then I did a little Big League Chew. Still do some of that every now and then.

10 Apr, 2013

People cover

Magazine Cover

sheltonShelton appears on the cover of People to discuss how multifaceted he is and who he is as a person. On being a normal person:

I spent so many years wishing for these opportunities, you’ll never see me running out of a restaurant with my sunglasses and a hoodie on ’cause I don’t want to be noticed. I just don’t take myself that seriously.

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