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Christina Aguilera

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14 Oct, 2014

Returns to The Voice

Aguilera returns to The Voice as a coach for season 8 after missing two seasons. The other coaches include Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams. Paul Telegdy, president of alternative and late night programming for NBC entertainment:

We are excited to welcome Christina back to her red chair and can’t wait to see how she mixes things up among Adam, Blake and Pharrell, in what will be an incredibly competitive competition. These four talented artists are at the top of their game as musicians and as coaches. The mentoring is sure to be intense and the stakes will be high.

17 Aug, 2014

Daughter born


Aguilera and Rutler gave birth to a baby girl in Los Angeles. This is the second child for Aguilera. On her pregnancy:

I’m really excited to meet our baby girl. This has been a very easy and enjoyable pregnancy.

Aug 2014

V-magazine nude shoot

Pregnant NudeThe singer poses nude for a photo shoot by photographer Brian Bowen Smith for V-magazine showing her baby bump.

As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store.

28 Mar, 2014

Aguilera, Rutler expecting girl

christina-aguilera-2Aguilera and fiance Rutler are expecting a girl. Aguilera confirmed her pregnancy and also announced the sex of the baby at a concert in Malaysia. Source:

She’s made it clear that her next child must be born before she turns 35. She’s adamant that she’s not giving birth when she’s nearing 40.

5 Nov, 2013

Say Something

Single Release

A Great Big World releases the single,featuring Christina Aguilera,  Say Something, from their album, Is There Anybody Out There?. Vaccarino:

We look at Christina as this icon who can say anything and make it sound amazing,And here we are, just us and her in the studio, and she’s asking our opinions on what sounds good, and everything out of her mouth was sounding good! Who are we to give Christina Aguilera vocal advice?

1 Nov, 2013

Redbook cover

Magazine Cover

christina-aguilera-covers-redbook-november-2013Aguilera appears on the cover of the November 2013 issue of Redbook magazine. She talks about why she took time off from The Voice,  working out, and The Voice being a second family.

I know these guys so well, they really are like my brothers, no joke. There’s a 12 year-old-boy in me who loves to come out and play with them.

1 Oct, 2013

Maxim cover

Magazine Cover

187_christina_cv_slAguilera appears on the cover of the October 2013 issue of Maxim magazine. She talks about being sexy, Mickey Mouse Club, and guys that can sing.

I’m such a down-to-earth girl, I’m comfortable in just a jersey and boy’s underwear. Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do. Sexiness should be effortless.

18 Jan, 2013

Feel This Moment

Single Release

The artist releases Feel This Moment, featuring Aguilera, from his album, Global Warming.

Feel This Moment is a special record, and to work with Christina Aguilera is an honor, a blessing, someone that I highly respected, as far as her talent, her voice, her range that she can take it, and I think ‘Feel This Moment’ is gonna be a great record, because it’s got a very powerful sample and everybody’s gonna dance too. On top of that, when I say ‘Feel this Moment’ is basically, ‘feel life, don’t live life for a moment, live life for life, that is your moment.

14 Nov, 2012

Christina Aguilera interview

Seacrest interviews Aguilera during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about releasing her album Lotus.

Oh my God, it feels absolutely incredible! It’s really a record for the fans, it’s dedicated to all the unbreakable flowers out there, all of the fighting lotus’ so I’m really excited about it.

1 Oct, 2012

Lucky cover

Magazine Cover

christina-aguilera-covers-lucky-october-2012Aguilera appears on the cover of the October 2012 issue of Lucky magazine. She talks about challenges with her body, fame at a young age, and her album.

If you love “Fighter”, you’re going to love my new album. As a 30-year-old woman, I’ve been uncovering my independence, and it’s been really fun to explore in the new songs.

29 Sep, 2012

Billboard cover

Magazine Cover

christina-aguilera-covers-billboardAguilera appears on the cover of a September 2012 issue of Billboard magazine. She talks about being a judge on The Voice and about her upcoming album Lotus.

There is a lot I have gone through personally over the past few years and this record represents a rebirth for me. The record is about freedom and getting back to the root of who I am and what I love to do.

15 Jun, 2011

W Magazine cover

Magazine Cover

1308155039_christina-aguilera-290Aguilera appears on the cover of the July 2011 issue of W Magazine. She talks about her divorce with Jordan Bratman.

At one time or another we were not angels. It got to a point where our life at home was reminding me of my own childhood I will not have my son grow up in a tension-filled home. I knew there would be a negative reaction in the press to my divorce, but I am not going to live my life because of something someone might say.

1 Apr, 2011

Para Todos cover

Magazine Cover

christina-aguilera-para-todos-april-may-2011Aguilera appears on the cover of the April/May 2011 issue of Para Todos magazine. She talks about why she decided to do The Voice, whether she will sing in Spanish again, and goals.

I’m an overachiever, so the bucket list is endless, but I’m too focused on the here and now and try to live spontaneously. If I had to put one together it would be learn to cook, continue perfecting my Spanish, record my Spanish album. And maybe even learn to drive – can you believe I still can’t?

25 Feb, 2008

People cover

Magazine Cover

aguileraAguilera appears on the cover of People after giving birth to her first son Max. Aguilera explains how she sings lullabies to her son and how he loves Led Zeppelin.

When he’s breast-feeding, I just sit there and stare at him. I’m in awe of this little miracle. It’s brought us even closer together. He’s a product of our love.

1 Mar, 2007

Maxim cover

Magazine Cover

maxim_covers_111_l1Aguilera appears on the cover of the March 2007 issue of Maxim magazine. She talks about the art of seduction and how she broke records for the last Maxim cover she was on.

We had fun working with certain clothes, or the lack thereof. I never mind contorting myself for a good cause.

11 Feb, 2007

Wins Grammy


Aguilera wins the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Ain’t No Other Man.

I’ve always been influenced and affected by blues, jazz, and soul music…

26 Jun, 2006

Ain’t No Other Man

Aguilera performs Aint No Other Man at the MTV Music Awards from the album Back to Basics.

8 Feb, 2004

Wins Grammy


Aguilera wins the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Beautiful.

Thank you, Linda Perry for writing an incredible amazing song.

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