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Rascal Flatts

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18 Aug, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge: Rascal Flatts


Flatts is challenged by Jeff Fisher, Tim Tebow, Hunter Hayes, Cassadee Pope and Toxy Hayes to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He nominates  Jamie Fox, David Spade, Justin Rose, Brent Singer, Chip Esten and Kevin Carter to do the same.

16 Jun, 2014


Single Release

The band releasesPayback, from, Rewind. DeMarcus:

We didn’t write the song, we found the song, or it found us. It’s revenge driven in a funny way. What he’s saying is basically, ‘Let’s dance together at this club tonight. We’ll take some pictures and put them out on the Internet and he’ll see it and it’ll piss him off and he’ll wonder.

21 Jan, 2014


Single Release

The band releases, Rewind, from their album with the the same name. LeVox:

I wish we could rewind remembering some of the special moments ’cause it went by so fast. If we could rewind and maybe slow it down a little bit so that we could have enjoyed some of the moments that flew past us. I would rewind that.

17 Dec, 2012


Single Release

The band releasesChanged, from their album with the the same name. LeVox:

We really felt like we had something magical on that. The three of us just held the pen and God kind of wrote the whole thing. It talks about how we all screw up and make mistakes and we can all change, but you have to be man enough or woman enough to say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry.’ Because you can’t live your life with regret. It’s time to change and sometimes the hardest thing in life is just forgiving yourself.

16 Jan, 2012


Single Release

The band releasesBanjo, from their album, Changed. DeMarcus describes the song meaning as:

A sentiment about getting away from it all, getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sort of breaking out and finding a spot way out in the country and drivin’ and drivin’ and drivin’ until you go so far you start to hear a banjo.

27 Jun, 2011


Single Release

The band releases, Easy, featuring, Natasha Bedingfield, from, Nothing Like This. Bedingfield:

I’ve always had very eclectic and varied tastes in music. I think you’re always going to see that from me, just working with people in different genres. I love it. Rascal Flatts were fantastic; I’ve always been into folk music and Americana, people like Johnny Cash, so I feel that’s quite linked to country music. And I know Rascal Flatts are classified as pop/country, definitely more in that world. So it was like opening a window for me.

2 Aug, 2010

Why Wait

Single Release

The band releases, Why Wait, from their album, Nothing Like This. DeMarcus:

Right when we heard ‘Why Wait,’ it instantly caught my attention as we were listening down through literally hundreds of songs on our [compilation] CDs. I kept going back to that one, because it’s such a unique melody and such a unique feel for us. It’s actually a shuffle, and we’ve never recorded a shuffle before. I remember I had a phone conversation with Gary [LeVox, Rascal Flatts’ lead singer] and I said, ‘Man, the second song on this comp, Why Wait, is really, really different for us and really catchy, and I think it could really showcase our harmonies.’ So when we went into the studio, we knew instantly that it was something special for us, and it was going to be a showcase piece on the album. Didn’t know it was going to be the first single by any means, but as we listened back through to some of the songs as we started to get the vocals on them, it just rose above the rest, and it became a no-brainer.

29 Sep, 2009


Single Release

The band releases their song, Why, from their album, Unstoppable. Rooney:

It’s a story that you get in your mind as you hear the lyrics. My friend who committed suicide was 17, the summer before senior year. That second verse — “In my mind, I keep you frozen like a 17-year-old” — it’s eerie to me and it’s haunting. At the same time, it’s a poignant message for the youth out there, for the teenagers out there, struggling and contemplating that decision, which they shouldn’t make. That’s why this song’s got a lot of angst in it because it wants to let that [message] out of the bag — that’s not the answer. You don’t have to do that. There’s so much more in your life to live for. There are so many more people in your life that are going to be affected by a decision like that. That’s why I do love that song

20 Jan, 2009

Here Comes Goodbye

Single Release

The band releasesHere Comes Goodbye, from, Unstoppable. Rooney:

We always look for a song that’s unique. That one came across the table, and for us, it was really wonderful. It had everything that Rascal Flatts is all about. It had the big chorus. It had a really unique melody and a killer hook. We just knew that Gary would sing the dog out of it, no doubt about it. The demo was just a piano and a vocal. I had always heard it like that, as well. I think Jay and our producer, Dann Huff, were like, ‘Let’s cut this thing with a big band. Let’s make this thing as big as it can be.’ I’m glad they had the idea because it’s become this behemoth of a song. Once it’s over, you’re wringing yourself out. That’s what we want. That’s the big thing we want on the big side of songs we cut. We’re just lucky to have that one. It’s one of the first songs we put on hold for the project.

3 Mar, 2008

Every Day

Single Release

The band releasesEvery Day, from, Still Feels Good. DeMarcus:

I think the simple message of that song is what attracted me to Every Day. It’s one of those simple yet profound lyrics. When you hear that chorus and he says, ‘Every day you save my life,’ it hits you like a ton of bricks. There are so many people that come in and out of your life that you feel that way about. So many people have stood behind me for so long. I immediately thought of my mom and how encouraging she was to me over the years, struggling in Nashville, and I wanted to give up and come back home and get an ordinary job somewhere. That song really moved me when I thought about those people that are in my life that I lean on so heavily. My wife, my family, it’s just a really great song.

17 Aug, 2007

Take Me There

Single Release

The band releases their song, Take Me There, from their album, Still Feels Good. Chesney wrote the song.

I had the idea for that song several years ago, and I had written it down on a piece of paper in a notebook. I was going through a bunch of stuff and saw where I had written that down and had forgotten about it. The whole idea of the song was about meeting someone who still has their guard up from a previous relationship or whatever it is. There’s something inside of her that she’s not showing anybody, about what makes her tick, about what makes her love, what makes her give, what makes her be who she is.I had three lines written down. So I called Neil Thrasher and told him about this idea when I found it in my notebook. And he says, ‘Let me think about that for a little bit.’ He called me back in a couple of days, and the next thing, you hear him on the phone with a guitar (singing) ‘Tell me ’bout your mama.’ I went “Oh my God!” (laughs) ‘It sounds pretty good’.

8 Feb, 2006

Wins Grammy


Rascal Flatts wins the Grammy for Best Country Song for Bless The Broken Road.

8 Jul, 2003

I Melt

Single Release

The band releases, I Melt, from their self titled album. LeVox wrote the song together with Neil Thrasher and Wendell Mobley.

That was truly enjoyable to write. Neil and Wendell had the melody idea and a chorus idea, and they called me in and we finished it that day. It’s a sexy tune. I think a lot of women would like to hear a man say they don’t have to do anything special to make him melt.

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