Luke Evans

Dracula Untold

29 Oct, 2014

In this fantasy action-adventure directed by Gary Shore, Evans plays Vlad, a man who, to save his family and village, becomes the famed vampire, Dracula.Co-starring Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper and Diarmaid Murtargh.

In the wrong hands yes obviously, we know that very much so in this day and age. In this film you see power given to one human being and used wrongly and you see power given to another human being, another person, used in a very sort of selfless way. I think in Vlad’s situation he does what he does from a very selfless position and point of view. He does it because he wants to save his family; his son and his wife and his people. You see other people turn into vampires in this movie. I was trying to associate it with being addicted to some very strong drug. You see some people who deal with drug addiction in one way and some who just completely fail and never ever be able to come out of that dark place. Vlad always keeps his reasons for doing it very clear. As much as he has this urge to drink the blood of a human, he really resists as much as he can because of the love for his first wife and his family, his kid and his people

Dracula Untold – TV Spot 2 (HD)

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