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Macaulay CulkinBirth

Macaulay Culkin born in New York City

26 Aug, 1980

Macaulay Carson Culkin is born in New York, New York. His father, Christopher Culkin, is a former child actor, and his mother is Patricia Brentrup. He has six siblings, Shane, Dakota, Kieran, Quinn, Christian, and Rory. He starts showbiz at the age of four, acting in off-Broadway shows such as the New York City Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

And so the thing is with child actors overall, the most important thing is that you have to know your lines. They’re always worried about the kid’s going to forget his lines. So, what my father, you know, who was clever — one of the things he did was, you know, they’d give me these scenes, like scene 12 and scene 20 or whatever, and they were very, very short scenes. So what he would do is he’d go through the script, find the longest like monologues and longest, hardest scenes for a 9-year-old to do, and had me memorize them. So when I’d go into the room, they’d go, oh, do scene 12, I’m like, you know, I’m a little nine-year-old, I go, but no, I practiced scene 4. Do what you know. You know? And the next thing you know I’m rattling off this whole thing.

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