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Debra Miceli is a monster truck driver and former professional wrestler best known for her work in WWE as Alundra Blayze and WCW as Madusa.

13 Aug, 2014

The Swerve appearance


Madusa appears on The Swerve podcast for a sit down interview. Madusa discusses her ring name, breaking into the wrestling business and who her favorite people to work with are.

For the first year, I worked in bars, and I did not get paid for one whole year. So I was using my savings to travel, to drive, to stay in hotels, to do whatever. And about the second or third year, I was still continuing to do this, and finally I got paid five dollars. Five dollars.

18 Dec, 1995


Madusa debuts on WCW Monday Nitro by showing up with the WWF Women’s title belt, which she never lost, and dropping it a trash can on live television.

I was under contract and was told to do what I had to do, and if not, you’re fired and would have no income coming in. Eric Bischoff told me that I had to put the WWE women’s title in the trash on television, or that was it.

13 Dec, 1993

First WWF Women’s Title

Wins Sport Event

Madusa, as her World Wrestling Federation persona Alundra Blayze, wins her first WWF Women’s Championship by defeating Heidi Lee Morgan in the finals of a six-woman tournament.

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