Maisie Williams

Garden of Bones

22 Apr, 2012

Williams appears as Arya Stark in the fourth episode of the second season of Game of Thrones, Garden of Bones. Joe Dempsey plays the character Gendry, one of a group of Night’s Watch recruits that Arya is traveling with. The recruits and Arya are taken by Lannister soldiers to the castle of Harrenhal where a Lannister army is encamped. They witness the torture of several captives by Lannister men seeking valuables as spoils of war, as well as information about a secret society known as the Brotherhood. As Gendry is about to be tortured, Lord Tywin Lannister arrives and tells the men to put Gendry and the other captives to work instead. Lord Tywin, played by Charles Dance, notices that Arya is a girl disguised as a boy, and takes her on as a servant.

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