Marcia Gay Harden

Miller’s Crossing

5 Oct, 1990

Harden plays Verna, a bookie’s sister, in this stylized mob drama from the Coen brothers. Verna is involved with Leo, a mob boss, and Tom, his right hand man. After a hit on Leo fails, Tom reveals the truth about his involvement with Verna and the two have a falling out. Tom tries to maintain loyalty to Leo while still trying to get the girl at the end. Co-starring John Turturro, Albert Finney, and Gabriel Byrne. On winning the role:

I auditioned for them three times, and against all odds they cast me. It is typical for them to give newcomers a chance, however. They’ve done it for Frannie McDormand, they did it for Holly Hunter, they did it for me, and they’ve really helped a lot of other New York actors toward roles of prominence and longevity. So I’ll always be grateful to the Coens and to Donna Isaacson, because they sort of gave me my start.

Miller's Crossing - Original Theatrical Trailer

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