Marcia Gay HardenTV Appearance

The Newsroom Season 2

14 Jul, 2013

Harden plays Rebecca Halliday, an attorney, in the second season of this HBO drama created by Aaron Sorkin. Halliday takes on the task of deposing Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) and MacKenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer) on behalf of the network after it is hit with a wrongful termination lawsuit. Harden speaks of the challenge of working on an Aaron Sorkin project:

When I first got the role, Jeff Daniels said: “I’ll give you a little Aaron Sorkin tip: Come to set with your lines down for the rehearsal.” I said, “What?” Usually the actor learns them during the day. But as an actress, I have never had a sigh of consternation when I get something complicated. You know how it is when you feel used in a good way. It’s like that old song, “keep on using me, ’til you use me up.” I just feel grateful.

The Newsroom Season 2: Promo #1 (HBO)

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