Marcia Gay Harden

Used People

16 Dec, 1992

Harden plays Norma in this dramedy directed by Beeban Kidron.  Psychologically unstable since the death of one of her children, Norma copes by dressing up as various celebrities depending on the situation. Co-starring Shirley MacLaine, Marcello Mastroianni, Kathy Bates, and Jessica Tandy.

She dressed up like other characters to experience the scenario that that character exemplified. That’s a hard sentence to know what makes sense if you haven’t seen the movie, but she dressed like Jackie O to go into mourning for her dad. Well, who mourns more beautifully than Jackie O? She dressed like Marilyn Monroe to come out of mourning. Who comes out of mourning more beautifully than Marilyn Monroe?

Used People (1992) – Trailer

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