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12 May, 2014

New motions sought on SYG, sentencing, and Gray’s abuse


Attorneys seek another Stand Your Ground hearing for Alexander. Alexander sought SYG immunity ahead of her initial trial, but was denied. The motion now filed argues that neither the initial denial or the appeals court decision not to “reweigh” the case prevent Alexander from seeking this immunity again. Alexander’s lawyer, Bruce Zimet says the ruling in the SYG hearing was made largely on the testimony of Gray’s two sons, and he says one has since recanted and the other admitted to lying about a “prior altercation” between Gray and another woman, which Zimet believes would have established a pattern of Gray as abusive toward women.

A second motion claims sentencing Alexander to a mandatory minimum 20 years in prison is cruel and unusual punishment because it is “grossly disproportionate” to any offense Alexander is accused of committing. Zimet argues the Florida legislature, who established 10-20-Life, never intended to have it applied to “battered women attempting to defend themselves” The third motion argues against Florida’s consecutive sentencing rules, arguing against a possible 60-year sentence.

The fourth motion introduces past actions by Gray as part of Alexander’s defense that she feared for her life:

What the jury did not hear—and what Alexander is now entitled to introduce—is specific evidence of Gray’s prior similar attacks on women, his repeated lies to law enforcement to avoid prosecution, and his implicit and explicit threats of violence against and coercion of witnesses, including his own children, to falsely accuse his female victims of attacking him

The State Attorney’s Office says they are reviewing these most recent motions and that it ” is committed to seeking justice for our two child victims and their father.”

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