Mark Cuban

Buys pub


motley'sCuban buys a pub in Bloomington, Ind., called Motley’s. It quickly becomes a popular hangout for both Indiana University students and professors.

I would go there, underage. And then we threw a couple of parties there. The only time they had crowds in there was when we threw our parties, and I thought, well, if I can get a crowd to show up for a couple of nights, maybe we could do it more often. I took the  proposition to (former IU rugby teammate) Evan Williams, and he got into the idea. We were both big proponents of beer and so, you know, I learned early you stick to the things you know. Partying and drinking were things I was excelling at, for better or worse. Evan put up more money than I did. I put up my student loan money. That’s how we started it.

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