Mark Cuban


9 Apr, 2014

Cuban creates a free texting app called Cyber Dust that does not store messages. Like SnapChat, the app leaves no trace of the messages, and they are not stored anywhere. It alerts you if the person has taken a screenshot, and it provides send and read confirmations so that you know if someone viewed your message. If your friend hasn’t viewed the message within 12 hours, it will expire and be deleted forever. Cuban says he was inspired to create the app after being challenged by the FCC over insider trading allegations. 

What I learned very quickly was they took old emails and messages and created whatever context they wanted to create for it.

Cuban says Cyber Dust will appeal to users who are looking for something truly private.

 The minute we hit send on a text we lose control, we are all going to have to learn to shrink our digital footprint. The minute we turn off the server it’s gone forever.

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